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Meet Karen


Karen is known as a vibrant colorist for her exhilarating and emotionally rich paintings. She has exhibited her work in art shows and galleries spanning an award winning career and is known both nationally and internationally. She received numerous Scholastic Art Awards: 3 Gold Keys, 4 Bronze Stars, 5 honorable mentions. She then was inspired to earn a BFA and do post graduate work from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.   Her career has led her from teaching to interior design, mural and faux painting, renovating and designing over 50 homes in Sarasota County Florida and Massachusetts, where she originally hails from.


“As life can be stressful and complicated, I enjoy depicting the 'Lighter Side of Life' using bright, complimentary colors. I want my paintings to make people smile and feel an emotional lift while viewing them. I started out with portraits and more realistic themes but now I am drawn to abstract or whimsical themes to express the joy of living.”


Karen now paints at her studio in Sarasota, Florida. She has participated in group exhibitions locally at Creative Liberties, Venice Art Center, Art Center Sarasota, Manatee Art Center, and has several works currently at The Golden Image.



Franz Koenig

Salzburg, Austria

Karen, I consider your art so appealing, harmonious and eye-catching! A league of your own. 

Lyudmyla Finch, author

Incredible color solutions. You are my favorite artist on Instagram. 

Amy Joe Harrison


This is the first piece of art I have ever bought. It's my house warming gift to myself. Thank you so much, I love it. 

Litsa Spanos, ACA

Santa Fe, NM

Your work is amazing!

Alex Santos, artist

Ria Grande do Sul, Brazil

You are very talented, congratulations.

Mohamed Mostafa, artist

Cairo, Egypt

U R a great artist!

Raul Perez Martin, artist

Barcelona, Spain

Karen, I have been looking for an artist list you to participate in our cultural association. Sinergiart  Asociacion Cultural.

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